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A little bit of fun

and....she fell.jpg

and.....she fell! 

Away day Ludlow August 2019 

Angel talk Uni Bradford.jpg

Angel's talks always attract big audiences!!!

Northern Vascular Biology Forum 2018

Bradford University

Ana Kinza in Cambridge Conference.jpg

Conference in Cambridge

BSCR Autumn Meeting

Emmanuel College

September 2019  

Sathish PhD Graduation.jpg
Away date August 2019 Ludlow.jpg

Away day in Ludlow

August 2019 

certificate Krithika JJ.jpg

Krithika and JJ finish their visiting stay in the lab :-( oooohhhhhh!

December 2018

Coffee break with Weiguang's group.jpg
Group presenting in the House of Commons

Presenting our research in the Houses of Parliament!!

Wow, we even look a serious group!! 

Priscille luggage for 1 night.jpg

Coffee break with students of the Oncology group

Where is the pellet Jude.jpg
Certificate Visiting students Summer 201

Priscilla's luggage for overnight in stay in the BSCR conference

Manchester Central

June 2018

He's still got it.jpg

After 2 weeks protocol... Where is the pellet??!!!!

dinner after presentation in BSCR 2017.j

Visiting students leave us after 6 months in the labs :-(

He's still got it!!!

Lunch Nandos Teja.jpg

Lunch with Teja February 2020

COVID wont allow us to go for lunch together after that day :-( 

Dinner after BSCR Conference in Manchester Central Conference Centre

June 2017

Kinza in CNIC.jpg

Kinza's summer stay working in Prof Redondo's laboratory in the CNIC in Madrid, Spain.

June 2019

Certtificate Joshita Leander December 20

Joshita and Leander end their stay in our University. :-(

December 2019

Certificate Alessia Ana.jpg

Alessia and Ana end their summer stay in our lab :-( 

September 2019

Leander Cloning book.jpg

At last I will learn to clone!!!!

Christmas dinner December 2018.jpg

Christmas Dinner 2018

Working in Elly lab.jpg

KInza working in one of our sister laboratories in Manchester University

Who's gonna pay the bill???

Reshma graduation hat.jpg

I want one of these hats!!!!

Reshma Graduation_edited.jpg

Finally I got the hat!!!! Heyyyyyy

August 2022

Rhiannon Poster prize.jpg

Rhiannon wins best poster presentation prize in EMS-EVBO section of International Physiological Sciences Conference.

July 2013

Poobana and Vidhya get their certificate. Well Done!!!!! 

July 2022

Saying goodbye to poobana and Vidhya_edited_edited.jpg

Farewell Coffee with Poobana and Vidhya

August 2022

Poobana Certificate_edited.jpg
Vidhya certificate_edited.jpg

Poobana and Vidhya end their stay in the lab

:-((( July 2022

Cosmos dinner_edited.jpg
Ice man in the lab.jpg

People working in the lab when Angel is on holidays!

who said this is a serious group?

Dinner in Cosmos to wellcome our new PhD student, Boma.

Christmas dinner December 2019.jpg

The most precious treasure in our group!! Not to be shared!!! :-) :-) 

Suhail MSc Graduation.jpg

Suhail's MSc Graduation. Well Done man!!

June 2018

Christmas dinner 2019

celebration Sathish VIVA.jpg
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