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Selected Publications
(last 10 years)



  • Ahmed S, Kurusamy S, David ELS, Khan K, Kalyanakrishnan K, Ian-Gobo M, Kola TM, Wilkinson RN, Kannappan V, Wang W, Gómez MJ, Redondo JM, Cotton J, Armesilla AL.Aberrant expression of miR-133a in endothelial cells inhibits angiogenesis by reducing pro-angiogenic but increasing anti-angiogenic gene expression.  Sci Rep. (2022) 12(1):14730.

  • Kannappan V, Liu Y, Wang Z, Azar K, Kurusamy S, Kilari RS, Armesilla AL, Morris MR, Najlah M, Liu P, Bian XW, Wang W. PLGA-Nano-Encapsulated Disulfiram Inhibits Hypoxia-Induced NF-κB, Cancer Stem Cells, and Targets Glioblastoma In Vitro and In Vivo. Mol Cancer Ther (2022) 21(8):1273-1284.


  • Njegic A, Swiderska A, Marris C, Armesilla AL, Cartwright EJ. Plasma membrane calcium ATPase 1 regulates human umbilical vein endothelial cell angiogenesis and viability. J Mol Cell Cardiol (2021) 156:79-81.


  • Savage AM, Kurusamy S, Chen Y, Jiang Z, Chhabria K, MacDonald RB, Kim HR, Wilson HL, van Eeden FJM, Armesilla AL, Chico TJA, Wilkinson RN. Tmem33 is essential for VEGF-mediated endothelial calcium oscillations and angiogenesis. Nat Commun. (2019) Feb 13;10(1):732.

  • Martínez-Martínez S, Lozano-Vidal N, López-Maderuelo MD, Jiménez-Borreguero LJ, Armesilla ÁL, Redondo JM. Cardiomyocyte calcineurin is required for the onset and progression of cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in adult mice. FEBS J (2019)  286(1):46-65.

  • Ubaid S, Ford TJ, Berry C, Murray HM, Wrigley B, Khan N, Thomas MR, Armesilla AL, Townend JN, Khogali SS, Munir S, Martins J, Hothi SS, McAlindon EJ, Cotton JM. Cangrelor versus Ticagrelor in Patients Treated with Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Impact on Platelet Activity, Myocardial Microvascular Function and Infarct Size: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Thromb Haemost (2019) 119(7):1171-1181.


  • Butcher K, Kannappan V, Kilari RS, Morris MR, McConville C, Armesilla AL, Wang W. Investigation of the key chemical structures involved in the anticancer activity of disulfiram in A549 non-small cell lung cancer cell line. BMC Cancer (2018) 18(1):753.


  • Kurusamy S, López-Maderuelo D, Little R, Cadagan D, Savage AM, Ihugba JC, Baggott RR, Rowther FB, Martínez-Martínez S, Arco PG, Murcott C, Wang W, Francisco Nistal J, Oceandy D, Neyses L, Wilkinson RN, Cartwright EJ, Redondo JM, Armesilla AL. Selective inhibition of plasma membrane calcium ATPase 4 improves angiogenesis and vascular reperfusion. J Mol Cell Cardiol. (2017) Aug;109:38-47.

  • Little R, Zi M, Hammad SK, Nguyen L, Njegic A, Kurusamy S, Prehar S, Armesilla AL, Neyses L, Austin C, Cartwright EJ. Reduced expression of PMCA1 is associated with increased blood pressure with age which is preceded by remodelling of resistance arteries. Aging Cell (2017) 16(5):1104-1113.


  • Oller J, Alfranca A, Méndez-Barbero N, Villahoz S, Lozano-Vidal N, Martín-Alonso M, Arroyo AG, Escolano A, Armesilla AL, Campanero MR, Redondo JM. C/EBPβ and Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells Differentially Regulate Adamts-1 Induction by Stimuli Associated with Vascular Remodeling. Mol Cell Biol (2015) 35(19):3409-22.


  • Baggott RR, Alfranca A, López-Maderuelo D, Mohamed TM, Escolano A, Oller J, Ornes BC, Kurusamy S, Rowther FB, Brown JE, Oceandy D, Cartwright EJ, Wang W, Gómez-del Arco P, Martínez-Martínez S, Neyses L, Redondo JM, Armesilla AL. Plasma membrane calcium ATPase isoform 4 inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated angiogenesis through interaction with calcineurin. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol (2014) 34(10):2310-20.

  • Liu P, Wang Z, Brown S, Kannappan V, Tawari PE, Jiang W, Irache JM, Tang JZ, Armesilla AL, Darling JL, Tang X, Wang W. Liposome encapsulated Disulfiram inhibits NFκB pathway and targets breast cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Oncotarget (2014) 5(17):7471-85.


  • ​Liu P, Kumar IS, Brown S, Kannappan V, Tawari PE, Tang JZ, Jiang W, Armesilla AL, Darling JL, Wang W. Disulfiram targets cancer stem-like cells and reverses resistance and cross-resistance in acquired paclitaxel-resistant triple-negative breast cancer cells. Br J Cancer (2013) 109(7):1876-85.


  • Baggott RR, Mohamed TM, Oceandy D, Holton M, Blanc MC, Roux-Soro SC, Brown S, Brown JE, Cartwright EJ, Wang W, Neyses L, Armesilla AL. Disruption of the interaction between PMCA2 and calcineurin triggers apoptosis and enhances paclitaxel-induced cytotoxicity in breast cancer cells. Carcinogenesis (2012) 33(12):2362-8.


  • Yip NC, Fombon IS, Liu P, Brown S, Kannappan V, Armesilla AL, Xu B, Cassidy J, Darling JL, Wang W. Disulfiram modulated ROS-MAPK and NFκB pathways and targeted breast cancer cells with cancer stem cell-like properties. Br J Cancer (2011) 104(10):1564-74.


  • Holton M, Mohamed TM, Oceandy D, Wang W, Lamas S, Emerson M, Neyses L, Armesilla AL. Endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity is inhibited by the plasma membrane calcium ATPase in human endothelial cells. Cardiovasc Res (2010) 87(3):440-8.

  • Amoah V, Worrall AP, Smallwood A, Armesilla AL, Nevill AM, Cotton JM. Clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitors: can near patient testing help in the tailoring of dual antiplatelet prescription? J Thromb Haemost (2010) 8(6):1422-4.

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